Taemin’s “Press Your Number” an infectious song that overcomes an extra-as-hell MV


After Taemin‘s hype teasers and an impressive performance video for “Drip Drop, the music video and song for “Press Your Number” has finally been released.

The song starts off quite slow with a bare-bones instrumental that had me more than a bit worried at first. Thankfully, the verses do build to something, and the payoff of both the infectious hook and having the bass-line enter during the second verse is more than enough to justify the composition of the track.

Given the hype surrounding this, however, I expect some might be disappointed by the lack of qualities that would make it instant pop gold. But that doesn’t change the fact that it build effectively for the duration of the song and the payoff of the upbeat, wailing “Press Your Number” hook was catchy and gets better the more you focus on just the song.


The music video … well it’s nice that they’re outside, but the plot was so incredibly extra that I honestly had a difficult time taking it seriously.

No, I have not figured out exactly what the plot of the music video was — some kind of multiple personality disorder thing, perhaps? — but regardless, it’s incredibly extra and cringe-worthy at certain points. If nothing else, the “Press Your Number” music video reinforced the notion that SM Entertainment should just stick to cinematography and choreography and just never try it again with movies (1/2).

But speaking of the art in the filming, though, I did find it visually engaging…



…and the colors of the music video in particular stood out to me.

I just believe that the plot and theatrics were distractingly over-the-top, and Taemin’s showcase performance with just the choreography provided a far better impression of what was a rather addicting song than the music video did.



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