K-EXO fans say they were assaulted & harassed at concert, MyMusicTaste responds


Korean EXO fans who attended the North American stops of the EXO concert tour have recently come out to express the issues they encountered. More than just the typical fan disappointment that usually comes with K-pop events put on in North America, these concertgoers accused the promoters of assault, sexual harassment, and discrimination.



MyMusicTaste, the company that held EXO’s now completed North American tour, responded by issuing a threat against false accusations while saying that they would be reviewing the footage to conclude if any wrongdoing occurred.


For as much disdain as I have for insane stans, the decision by MyMusicTaste to essentially say they believe the accusations that are spreading are false in the same statement where they also say that they haven’t reviewed the footage yet and therefore have limited knowledge on the validity of the accusations is more than a bit dumb.


Anyway, I have no idea what happened. I also have no lean as to who was at fault because there have been reports of Korean fansite admins acting an absolute fool during the concerts, but also of the events themselves being a disorganized, potentially life-threatening mess.

The only thing we know about these accusations at this point is that they are serious, and quite frankly I do almost hope they’re false or exaggerated, because if they’re true that’s certainly a new low for North American K-pop promoters.

If there are any updates on this situation, feel free to send me an e-mail.


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