Artsy Fartsy: Momoiro Clover Z present us visually iconic album covers


Momoiro Clover Z recently returned with their third and fourth albums, ‘AMARANTHUS‘ and ‘Hakkin No Yoake‘, and both album covers are visually iconic looking. Both artworks also serve some amount of South American Surrealism.


The “amaranth” of ‘AMARANTHUS’ is a plant/seed that’s used a lot in South American traditions such as the Day Of The Dead. In Greek it means unfading or unwilting, and there are several poems which use amaranth as a concept that is immortal. Basically, Momoiro Clover Z are never gonna die.


‘Hakkin No Yoake’ translates to “Dawn Of Platinum”, which is a lot more straightforward and less mysterious. Besides Surrealism, the work does also remind me of ‘Son Of Man‘ by René Magritte.


The bottom line is that you could blow these album covers up, print them out, and hang them up in a gallery.

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