BEAST’s Hyunseung is actually still hilarious & I truly thank him


BEAST‘s Hyunseung is still under fire for his attitude, but I honestly find the drama surrounding all this quite amazing. And I’m not saying that just to go against the overwhelming opinion of whatever netizens are saying at the moment, I just genuinely find Hyunseung’s antics amusing, which is what I’m primarily in this K-pop shit for.

People ask me sometimes why I enjoy idols who tend to get into a lot of attitude controversies. After all, their job is basically to appease fans, not actually be “artists”, and being rude or having a shitty attitude certainly isn’t going to help the group or the idol or the company.

And look, it’s not that I don’t understand all that, nor that I even inherently disagree with the logic, because doing the fanservice IS just smart business if nothing else.

But counterpoint: shit like this is hilarious.

Every FUCKING time I watch it, I can’t stop laughing. And that’s why I’m enjoying this, because I find it genuinely entertaining and I really don’t understand how people look at that and get angry.


So as a bonus, we can add to that Hyunseung visual the knowledge that there’s thousands fans watching it that are so incensed about his actions that they’re out here writing 18-part diatribes online about how pressed they are, and that only makes it that much more amazing.


Even Crayon Pop is fucking pissed at how punk this is.

My hero.


Also, I see people saying that Hyunseung might be having mental health issues, and while I wouldn’t rule that out for anybody, I also wouldn’t assume a person’s front stage matches their back stage, especially in entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more sensitive to that shit than most, but assuming that about somebody comes off as projecting more than anything grounded in reason.

That’s especially true if one actually watches the entire performance in question, which shows that other than the minute or so of oddness, Hyunseung is dancing around all nuts like usual.

So what was he thinking then? I DON’T KNOW and that’s what’s so great.

Thank you, Hyunseung. Made my fucking day and who knows how many days after this where I can play that clip or gif and cheer myself up.


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