TEEN TOP’s “Don’t Drink” makes me want to hit the bottle


Oddly enough, listening to TEEN TOP‘s “Don’t Drink” makes me want to ignore their advice immediately.

“Don’t Drink” is essentially just incredibly boring, which is an odd reaction from me towards a ballad, because I usually really fancy these types of songs. Specifically, there’s a part at about 1:34 of the song where they just stopped harmonizing like even they fell asleep or something. It’s laughably bad. Even the music video seemed lazy, and I know making these types of music videos for the fans are the trend, but to everybody else they’re just snoozers.

On the upside, TEEN TOP harmonize really well and the two rap breaks definitely do some favors for the tempo, but even that stuff can’t save this awful release. I think they’d do better with something that sounds different in the same genre, because “Don’t Drink” just sounds like a baby ballad or even a lullaby. TEEN TOP have strong singers, so they need to be paired with a stronger ballad.

Ah well, I guess “Don’t Drink” carries over the legacy of “Warning Sign, which at least means TEEN TOP have been consistent.

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