Chen & Punch’s “Everytime” might’ve been interesting if it was a Punch solo


Chen is back in the OST game with “Everytime” featuring Punch.

It is no secret that Chen has strong vocals and an impressive range. However, since he is an EXO member, the very abilities that make him unique usually mean that he gets pigeonholed into the most mundane OST ballads. This song is, sadly, no exception to that rule. “Everytime” is sadly another one of those songs that has a promising beginning, but quickly loses its momentum.

Punch’s introductory vocals are beautifully striking and immediately caught my interest. Her high, almost shrill, tone acted as a beautiful counterbalance to a negligibly soft piano backing. Those fleeting, 24 seconds are this song’s only saving grace, because immediately after Punch’s solo section, the song cuts to an audibly out of place piano break and devolves into unbearable, duet fodder.

In an attempt to be interesting distribution-wise, “Everytime” introduces Chen by having him sing the very same part that provided the song with such an interesting beginning. But instead of Punch’s driving delivery, Chen’s take is noticeably slower. This slowness continues throughout the entirety of Chen’s portion, and only relents when he and Punch share high notes (which is done rather well throughout the song).

“Everytime” is a song that unfortunately falters when it relies too heavily on Chen. It is understandable that, due to his name recognition and popularity, that he would get the most prominent feature in this song. However, Punch is easily the standout here, and the listener is left wishing it was her solo track.


The music video for “Everytime” is your usual OST fare.

Girl looks at guy, guy looks at girl, the pair commence three minutes of awkward hand-brushing and sappy dates. Oh! I forgot to mention that the girl is a doctor. Yay?

Hand grazing

Awkward Staring

Clearly, it’s not the most interesting plot in the world, and apparently the music video director was aware of how boring it is and threw a few shots of Chen singing into a studio mic to mix things up.

Chen feeling it

Hey, at least somebody’s feeling the song.

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