Jessica signs with Coridel Entertainment for solo debut, and I’m praying for a mess


Jessica has signed with Tyler Kwon‘s Coridel Entertainment in preparation for her upcoming solo debut, according to reports that emerged yesterday.

In addition to signing on Jessica, Coridel Company plans on continuing to grow by signing on other big stars. It stated, “We plan to apply our business knowledge and our international partnerships in the local entertainment business and also grow Coridel Entertainment’s influence in the global market.” Regarding Jessica, Coridel stated, “We will provide full support for Jessica’s solo activities as well as her fashion business.”

I have no idea what to expect from this.

Honestly, Jessica’s antics after leaving SNSD have been glorious, all the memes have been great, and I’m glad it seems like she’s doing fine with her business. However, I’m keeping my expectations for this solo release low, as Jessica has never struck me as somebody who would be a soloist after SNSD ended.

That said, I’m praying that somehow Jessica will time the release of her album to match Tiffany‘s rumored upcoming solo or a Taeyeon solo comeback. Because what an absolute glorious shit show that would be.


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