Cao Lu’s review of Hyosung’s naked body: “It’s really nice.”


Cao Lu was a guest on the recent episode of ‘Taxi‘ and she continued on her unrepentant tour of brutal honesty on all topics, including her worship of Hyosung‘s body while they were together on ‘Real Men‘.

“When you see it in person, Jun Hyosung has a fantastic body. After seeing Jung Hyosung, when I look at my reflection in the mirror I feel very average,” the singer shares candidly. Cao Lu further reveals that she’s seen Jun Hyosung’s body firsthand, “While we were showering together, I snuck a quick glance and thought, ‘It’s really nice,’” she says.

The biggest fan of Hyosung’s body is apparently not horny dudes in the military but Cao Lu in the military.


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