[Update] Hyomin dating rumor with Kang Jung Ho denied, people were still salty


Back when Hyomin threw out the first pitch for the Pirates, I didn’t think much of it since Kang Jung Ho was on the team and this is something that usually happens when there’s a Korean player in the MLB. But apparently that invitation was the catalyst for a relationship between the two, according to a report, and the pair started dating in January of this year.

Ilgan Sports reported that she was dating Pittsburgh Pirates player Kang Jung Ho and that the pair have been dating for three months. The two had known each other, but got close last September when he asked her to throw the first pitch for him. Back then, she’d said that they got close via a common friend.

The pair got closer when she stayed in the States after her pitch, touring the city together and dining together. A friend reported that the pair had already seemed like they were closer than a regular oppa-dongsaeng relationship.

After Kang Jung Ho had to leave the season due to a knee injury, Hyomin kept supporting him through texting, SNS, and phone calls. They started dating January this year.

Here’s the play that reportedly solidified their relationship:

And here is what he was doing before that:

Kang is a famous athlete in Korea, and his performance in 2015 opened the door for the wave of Korean players that came over to the MLB in 2016. That, of course, is why netizens are fucking pissed at him dating the sex machine iljin bullying idol thug.

1. [+1,223, -51] Jung Ho-ya, of all people, why her….
2. [+792, -27] Jung Ho-ya, not her…
3. [+722, -32] No seriously, why her of all people..;;
4. [+502, -24] Hul…..
5. [+469, -29] ????????????

1. [+166, -6] Aigoo Jung Ho-ya, this is pointless
2. [+120, -10] Of all the women in the world… why her
3. [+88, -5] It’s something to congratulate but because her image is so bad, she’s just going to be getting all the hate once his performance drops and people blame her for it
4. [+26, -4] Jung Ho really has low standards…
5. [+21, -5] She’s actually perfect, she can take all the blame for when he performs poorly

1. [+505, -9] What in the world is this?
2. [+342, -8] Hul… he’s out for the season then
3. [+157, -5] Jung Ho-ya… you can do better… wake up man…
4. [+145, -4] This is more shocking than hearing that he’s being kicked off the team… what the…
5. [+103, -5] Jung Ho-ya, do you not see how Son Heung Min ended up?

This is all so delicious.

Basically all the T-ara members who are dating are dating somebody the netizens like. Fucking troll queens.


That said, while I need this relationship to be real for maximum mess, there’s a bunch of conflicting reports going around as to whether they actually are dating. But even if they are not dating, at least for a brief moment she made the lives of netizens miserable.



The dating rumors have now been denied by both sides, saying that they are close but have a brother-sister friendship.



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