Asian Junkie featured in Korean media report on Tzuyu’s shirt “controversy”


In what will likely be the death of the site, Asian Junkie‘s article on Tzuyu‘s shirt and the tweet about it was recently featured in an article by The Korea Herald.



Also, OMONA THEY DIDN’T Oh No They Didn’t comments were featured, sorta overreacting like some grave crime was committed or something.


Presumably they didn’t show text from this site or your comments, since you guys were busy posting pictures of even worse shirts like the fucking degenerates you are.

On one hand, it’s sorta hilarious that Asian Junkie is being screencapped for use by legitimate Korean media outlets as if Asian Junkie is some actual news site. On the other hand, what I didn’t like is that the article was being used to show that Tzuyu wearing the shirt was an actual “thing” internationally and not something most people laughed off.

While I doubt Asian Junkie will be used as a source by the Korean media going forward, can you imagine if they did? Sarcasm/satire clearly already doesn’t register with most of the K-pop demo, much less after going through translation.

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Please anticipate … or maybe not.


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