Bohyung reminds us that SPICA exists with cover of Adele’s “Hello”


For reasons that are as unfathomable as they are unforgivable, this blog didn’t have the time to go over the very welcomed news last month that SPICA, they of angel-like voices and indifferently-met singles, will reportedly be making a comeback in April.

The group hasn’t released any singles since 2014 and haven’t released a mini-album since 2012. In other words, several K-pop lifetimes have come and gone since SPICA was last remotely relevant, and a small refresher course in the awesomeness of SPICA would be needed to stoke whatever embers of hype remain for the quintet. With that in mind, it’s not that surprising that CJ E&M has now released this clip of SPICA vocal goddess Bohyung doing her thing to Adele’s “Hello.”

Adele covers are tricky things to get right because: 1) they’re about as cliche and overdone as teenage dystopian fiction and 2) pretty much everyone and everything pales in comparison to Adele herself. While Bohyung doesn’t quite manage to dodge either of those criticisms with her straight-forward take on “Hello,” the cover does a fairly great job of showcasing the singing prowess for which Bohyung is sadly underrated, and it allows CJ E&M to make a small media play in preparation for a comeback that, if history is any indication, isn’t likely to be a guaranteed hit.

The odds of SPICA’s comeback setting the world on fire are small, but at least this rendition of “Hello” shows that Bohyung hasn’t lost a step during the group’s hiatus.

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