‘The Fact’ photographs singer involved in sponsor scandal that netz believe is G.NA


The Fact has reported/stalked the famous singer involved in an ongoing sponsor scandal, one that netizens have concluded is former Cube Entertainment singer G.NA.

The Fact photographed the woman trying to keep her appearance on the down low, as could be expected when one has to visit the police station for a prostitution investigation. The meeting took place at night, she was dressed in all black, and her people tried to sneak her in, but that effort was for naught, as The Fact managed to verify the existing rumors anyway through photos. And we all know that the rumors in question all but named G.NA.


I was sorta hoping it wasn’t G.NA just so the media and everybody else could’ve been gigantically wrong about this, but given this report and the fact her name has been dragged through the mud and nothing has been said from her side, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where it’s not her at this point.


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