Kris set to star in Jingle Ma’s ‘Europe Raiders’ with Tony Leung


Former EXO member Kris is set to star alongside Tony Leung in ‘Europe Raiders‘, which is part of Jingle Ma‘s movie franchise.

The picture is the third film in the Jingle Ma-directed franchise, following “Tokyo Raiders” from 2000 and “Seoul Raiders” from 2006. Production this time through Wong Kar-wai’s Jet Tone Films is set to start next month in Europe, China and Japan.

Other rumored cast members are Jeon Ji Hyun and Gao Yuanyuan.

Honestly, this is sort of getting ridiculous now for Kris, to the point where it’s more expected that he’ll land significant roles than stuff like this being anything truly newsworthy or surprising. At what point I wonder will certain people just give up and admit this has worked out unbelievably well for him? The denials get more comical by the project.


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