“I’m Just Not Into You” means Jiyoung is now a K-pop legend


While “Radio” and its music video was an amusing disaster (but still a disaster), Jiyoung‘s other release, “I’m Just Not Into You“, was much better.

Blocked for most people, so here’s the mirror.

While the music video is just a behind-the-scenes thing from the “Radio” music video filming, the song itself is actually quite solid. Rather than going retro all the way back to the 70s or 80s like a lot of K-pop is doing now, “I’m Just Not Into You” goes back to an early-2000s jam and is better off for it.

And while I realize this is not a high bar to clear here, but it’s saying something when fucking Jiyoung now has a better English-language single than BoA, CL, Utada Hikaru, and numerous others. Think about that and whether you thought anybody would’ve ever uttered that shit.

Just laughing at this miracle.


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