BABYMETAL’s “KARATE” PV is quite typically metal, more for better than worse


BABYMETAL finally released their music video for “KARATE” yesterday, and it was about as metal as anything else.

I’ve already given all my praise to the song itself, but the music video was also quite appropriately metal, even if that elicited mixed emotions.

On one hand, complaining about the demon/hero dichotomy, the dark set, and relatively cheesy effects is like complaining a metal music video is a metal music video. On the other hand, BABYMETAL does tend to pride itself on being a different brand of metal, and while the choreography definitely separates it from the pack, I do think extra polish/budget would’ve done the music video some good.

Considering their awesome cover outfits…


…their outfits in the music video…


…and the amazing demon depictions…



…they clearly could’ve done a bit extra if they wanted to.

Of course, most of that is just nitpicking because I think an outstanding single in “KARATE” deserved an equally outstanding music video rather than just a good one, and this release is still evidence of BABYMETAL passing the “fluke” litmus test and declaring themselves here to stay.


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