Jinnabit, former Sulli fansite admin/current Sulli anti, is now going after Amber


We all remember Jinnabit, right? Yeah, most wish she would just go away, but after the former Sulli sasaeng/stalker fansite admin turned her back on Sulli, many still justified it using the logic that it was Sulli’s actions that drove her to flip out.

Yeah, about that, so Jinnabit is now flipping out at Amber‘s fans, her most prominent fansite admin, and Amber herself.


While Jinnabit has already deleted the tweets in question, the tweets she apparently posted showed her talking shit about Amber, then threatening to sue Amber’s fans for defending her (hm, this sounds familiar), and then tweeted at Amber to manage her fans.

she was making snide comments about amber so fans replied her and idk how that escalated to her threatning to sue them and tweeting ambossing telling her she wants an apology at the police station. then started tweeting amber telling her she has to manage her fans and that they are going to turn on her and a bunch of non sense so fans had to flood amber’s mentions to hide jinabitch’s rambling

tweeting amber “don’t hide behind your fans, you only have two sad fansites anyway”

Man, those people on Pann were totally right once again. Jinnabit only acted the way she does because Sulli drove her to do it. Apart from Sulli, Jinnabit sounds rational and reasonable.


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