Artsy Fartsy: Neon Bunny’s “Forest Of Skyscrapers” & Paloalto’s “Fancy” among MV favs


I’ve been asked numerous times what my favourite music videos are from past and present, or to make some type of all-time top-10 list. However, given that I’m not that excited over list articles, instead I thought I would introduce some random music videos that I like.


Despite whatever misgivings people have had over the actual music, there’s been some really interesting progression within music video realm in the first quarter of the year. Some of my personal highlights include STELLAR’s “Sting“, WINNER’s “Baby Baby“, Lee Hi’s “Hold Your Hand“, and Red Velvet’s “One Of These Nights“.

But those have all been previously discussed on this site, so I wanted to show a couple music videos we haven’t talked about yet, one being Neon Bunny‘s “Forest Of Skyscrapers“.

This music video had instant appeal to me, reminiscent of seeing Hyukoh‘s “Gondry” for the first time. And just like with “Gondry”, I feel like “Forest Of Skyscrapers” represents a step in the right direction for Korean music video cinematography because it moves away from a glamorized depiction of Korean normality. The music video wasn’t hectic, it kept things simple, and the editing was on point.

Another music video I wanted to feature is Paloalto‘s “Fancy” featuring DEAN and Sway D.

I absolutely love this video because I love the execution of a bunch of current trends that were combined for the finished product. I know people are wondering what kind of Tumblr bullshit this is, and I understand that, but I feel like this was the best utilization of the random 3D modelling and clip art aesthetic that I’ve seen so far.

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