Fans were saying the alleged Krystal/Kai pool pic was a seal & trainer … of course


Because I’m apparently the last to find out about all types of wonderful, insane shit to emerge from fandoms, I was only recently made aware that Krystal and Kai fans tried to shield their alleged pool pictures together by saying this picture…


…was a picture of a seal and its trainer.

I’m praying that’s some kind of April Fools’ Day joke, but others took it seriously enough.

Of course, we all know that soon after we got a closer look


…and then another one…


…but look at the fucking retweets on the origin tweet of that rumor.

So much disturbing prayer and reaching that it wasn’t Krystal and Kai’s foreplay before they went up to their room and fucked for two days and three nights in a seemingly eternal orgasmic bliss, essentially cuckolding their weeping fans.



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