Minzy to leave 2NE1, but YGE promises (super seriously) that 2NE1 will return


Usually companies don’t call press conferences to respond to rumors, so something was up when YG Entertainment called one to respond to a rumor about Minzy leaving the 2NE1. Sure enough, something was up, and YGE announced Minzy would leave the group on May 5, saying, “We are sorry to inform the many 2NE1 fans who’ve waited so long. We are making an official announcement that 2NE1’s maknae Minzy will no longer be a part of 2NE1.

However, YGE also announced that both Park Bom and Sandara re-signed (and CL had re-signed earlier), and the trio is scheduled to have a comeback this summer. YGE stated, “The remaining three members have re-signed, and they’re preparing for a new song release for this summer as 2NE1. We are not looking for an additional member to replace Minzy.

Minzy was rarely utilized or given the time of day by YGE anyway, so losing her but gaining a long-awaited 2NE1 comeback would normally be a net positive for fans. However, um, how the hell is a summer comeback gonna work? Does this mean CL is abandoning her American debut? Or is that now coming after 2NE1’s comeback? I thought he said it was imminent? Mess.

And honestly, YGE says 2016, so we’re probably looking at … what? 2030?


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