Minzy rumored to be leaving 2NE1, YGE schedules press conference


Minzy of 2NE1 is rumored to be shopping her talents around to other agencies in anticipation of her contract expiring, only furthering rumors that the group is disbanding.

An entertainment industry insider spoke with news outlet TV Daily and said, “2NE1′s contract expiration date is coming soon and it looks highly likely that the team will disband. Gong Minzy is meeting with other agencies and preparing to move.” The source continued, “I heard that Gong Minzy has actually gone to the point of negotiating contracts with an agency. Apparently it didn’t worked out because Gong Minzy’s contract fee was too large.” On the other hand, some insiders believe Minzy is just generally testing the waters to check her net worth.

Instead of issuing a straight denial through the media, YG Entertainment is holding a press conference, which certainly seems ominous.

The agency has informed the media that they will hold a press conference and answer questions regarding the rumors at 5 p.m. KST.

Huh, maybe all those vague social media actions hinting at her not thinking much about 2NE1’s future were legit.


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