BABYMETAL add ‘The Late Show’ performance to growing list of accomplishments


We’ve known for months now that BABYMETAL would be performing on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert‘, and late last night the hype finally became a reality.

Despite the fact that “KARATE” probably shows off their talent better, I thought “Gimme Chocolate” was the right choice of song. It’s their most popular effort to date, and goes along with the image they generally try to project. The only problem I had was regarding the mic volume, which was low and caused the band to overwhelm the vocals.

Still, it was a solid overall showing and I think this does them a lot more good than pop acts who have been overseas, because this is actually something a bit different than just similar pop in a different language by a different race.


For BABYMETAL, nothing surprising anymore, really. This performance on American television came just a few days after they killed a concert at Wembley Arena to what media outlets reported was a sold out show.

At that performance, which earned a five-star review from The Guardian, they also went ahead and set the merchandising record for a one-day production in the history of the venue, because why not?

The trio achieved the highest-ever merchandise takings for a one-day production in the history of the Wembley Arena venue, during their sold-out performance on Saturday.

Wembley Arena general manager John Drury confirms: “The Babymetal show broke our all-times sales record.”

But they aren’t only excelling overseas, as they’re also making quick progress on the Oricon Chart, moving 132,881 albums in their first week, which I believe makes their week one sales for ‘Metal Resistance‘ greater than the entire run of the self-titled debut album, ‘BABYMETAL‘.

Yeah, doesn’t seem like the train is stopping anytime soon.


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