Kai/Krystal relationship exposed as fake by Tumblr conspiracy theorists


One would think that SM Entertainment confirming that Kai and Krystal were dating would be enough for their fans and shippers to at least accept that as reality even if they don’t necessarily like it. However, yesterday, I learned that was not the case, as Tumblr had discovered a conspiracy that their relationship is actually for publicity.




Remember guys, they’re doing this for publicity, like how all of a sudden there are a bunch of people on Pann who have serious issues with Kai and Krystal as human beings, and it’s TOTALLY not related to the fact that they’re both in a relationship. Awesome publicity.

Surely an EXO member needed to risk imploding his fandom to get press, and somehow Krystal really benefits from being called a slut online or something. Genius logic.


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