Tablo got the fans (and Steven Yeun) to help with Epik High’s Coachella poster


Epik High is gonna be at Coachella this year on April 17 and April 24, and Tablo had the perfect plan to advertise their appearance: a viral poster.

What follows is a shameless embedding of all Tablo’s tweets as the flyer progressed due to all the fan suggestions, but really, it’s sorta worth it.

“Done”, but not quite as Tablo then asked Steven Yeun to be in the picture for whatever reason, and the two of them made it work.

Not that there ever should’ve been any doubt as to who is behind stuff like the April Fools’ Day parody of Kanye West, but if it wasn’t already clear, it is now.


Also, Yeun really needed this to bring him back from the dead.


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