4 female celebrities & 2 businessmen involved in prostitution scandal fined


The sponsor/prostitution scandal sort of ended today for six of the involved parties, including all four female public figures and two of the businessmen who presumably purchased services. Fortunately for them, no jail time was involved, and the fines didn’t even seem to be much of a punishment all things considered.

According to reports, Judge Ha Tae Han of the Seoul Central District Court ordered the four female celebrities to pay 2 million Won (~$1725 USD) each, while the two businessman linked with the prostitution were given a court-ordered fine of 3 million Won (~$2585 USD) each.

Hard to argue that anybody involved in doing the actual prostituting or paying for services deserved anything more than a slap on the wrist, so barring an appeal of some sort, it’s great that they can technically move on with their lives. However, as we all know, things are not going to be so easy for the celebrities involved. Regardless of how much I don’t care if they were involved in this, the public at large is not gonna be as forgiving, and the realistic fear is that we may never see them promote as celebrities again.


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