Viki’s ‘Dramaworld’ about a white girl transported into a K-drama is happening


Dramaworld‘, the Korean drama (?) about a white girl being transported into a Korean drama, is actually gonna happen and I am scared. Though the title is incredibly cringe, the trailer doesn’t look that bad, and just the fact that I seem slightly okay with the trailer scares me even more.

It looks like it combines the typical K-drama and a young adult aesthetic, which actually might benefit Viki a lot, considering that even sophomoric dramas like “Descendants Of The Sun” can garner outstanding hype.

Anyway, it airs on April 17 on Viki.

There’s a possibility I might review it once it’s all over, but there’s also a chance that IATFB will hunt me down and do unspeakable things to me if I try.

Decisions, decisions.

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