Block B don’t return with an upbeat track, but somehow make it work for “Toy”


After getting me to begrudgingly to admit their rap ballad “A Few Years Later” was actually quality, Block B are back with a chill song in “Toy” that I really want to yell at them about but can’t.

Conceptually, I can’t help but be disappointed that the crazy, upbeat Block B hasn’t returned along with their comeback. No matter how well they execute a concept like this I don’t think it comes close to releases like “H.E.R” and “NalinA“, because I think those types of tracks play to their strengths as a group.

That said, the quirky sounds played over the instrumental, along with the underlying beat, makes “Toy” an interesting listen in itself. There’s enough switches throughout the song, like after the initial chorus over a repeated “I’m your toy” and the piano-heavy second verse, to make a slower tempo interesting and prove these types of efforts don’t have to be basic and plain.

Block B are also one of the few groups I generally don’t have a problem with in terms of rapping, and that same applies here, not only because of Zico but P.O. and Park Kyung also acquit themselves well with P.O. perhaps having the best sounding verse of the three. Still, these past two releases required some kind of vocal performance to not leave the track murdered and dead, and I’ve been surprised that Block B competent enough vocally to carry these types of tracks.


There’s nothing too complicated about the music video, but it compliments the melancholy vibe of “Toy” well, includes a dab out of nowhere, and provides everybody with a gift-wrapped meme of Zico being dragged to the trash.


“Toy” is not the type of track I want to listen to, and it doesn’t play to what I feel are Block B’s strengths. Yet, as much as I want to rip them for not coming back with something upbeat in this winter and spring of ballad misery, “Toy” forced me to admit it’s a quality offering thanks to an instrumental that’s far from basic, surprisingly quality execution, and even handmade memes specifically for international fans.

I … enjoyed listening to this.



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