‘Produce 101’ Episode 11 English Subs: The glorious trainwreck is now over

Produce 101 Final-Somi

Produce 101‘ has been a long, tear-filled journey. And finally, after multiple weeks and a couple of eliminations, we have reached the end: the final eleven.






As I mentioned in last episode’s recap, most people who follow the show are already aware of who has made it into IOI. Even so, this episode is not without its entertainment (and tears).

It begins in the most heart-wrenching way possible, with the contestants giving their final interview and reflecting upon their time on the show, hopes for the future, and the very real possibility that they might not debut with the top 11.

Produce 101 FInal-Interviews

Produce 101 Final-Interview 2

Produce 101 Final-Interview 3

Being all kinds of emotional, their various reflections struck a cord with me. I am not embarrassed to say that I cried a little when the contestants questioned the ‘why’ in regards to their inability to debut. This show, in addition to providing me with entertainment, has caused me to question facets of the K-pop industry more than I had ever done before. At this point, I have come to accept the fact that talent really means nothing in an industry that can manufacture an ideal. That being said, I still empathize with the girls who, aware that debut has slipped from their fingers before, have begun to doubt themselves as individuals.

Because I had not cried enough during that last segment, Mnet did the totally obvious unthinkable and brought back all of the eliminated contestants for another performance of “Pick Me“.

The song got bearable a few weeks ago, but now … damn. At least there won’t be any more of this torture for a while.

On a positive note, Sohye fans know what’s up.

Sohye Fans

Next up were the guerrilla performances, for which Insun acted as the MC. That was glorious in itself, but we were also gifted with fanboys nearly busting down the guard rail to get close to the penguin goddess that is Sohye.

Fanboys Sohye

Then, the remaining contestants performed “When Cherry Blossoms Fade” and “Crush“.

The performance of the former was cute and all, but the vocals got drowned out by the harmonica in the background and consequently failed to make much of an impression. At least everyone looked adorbs though.

The latter song performance was, in more ways than one, what I was hoping their low-budget ‘gift to fans’ would be.

Just as shit was getting really sappy, Bae Yoon Jung decided to drop a steaming load of truth.




After further stalling (which included a photoshoot, letter reading, and interviews with song producers), the final 11 was finally announced.


The ranking itself was not much of a surprise considering that the final group is already known. However, what was a surprise was seeing the reactions of the CEOs, because some gave very few shits that their trainees were chosen.



The final ranking is as follows:

  1. SomiJYP Entertainment
  2. SejeongJellyfish Entertainment
  3. YoojungFantagio
  4. ChunghaM&H Entertainment
  5. SohyeRedline Entertainment
  6. PinkyPledis Entertainment
  7. ChayeonMBK Entertainment
  8. DoyeonFantagio
  9. MinaJellyfish Entertainment
  10. NayoungPledis Entertainment
  11. YeunjungStarship Entertainment

Final 11 IOI


This is about the point where I usually tease what’s happening in the next episode and urge you all to anticipate. But, since ‘Produce 101’ is over, all I can say now is to please anticipate the next glorious trainwreck that I do recaps for!

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