Sulli pic draws hate again, but counters grow, not that international netizens care


Sulli is in the Korean media for her Instagram again, this time for almost literally doing nothing aside from taking a cliched picture that probably millions of Koreans and tourists do every year.

Of course, somehow this was weird or … I don’t even know, honestly.

Netizens have generally given mixed reactions to this post, with comments that read, “You win beeotch..” “She’s the type to take it to the next level if someone keeps talking sh*t about her,” “I think she’s really sick mentally,” “If Hani has the mentality of a crumbling cookie, then Sulli seems to have the mentality of a diamond. She just does whatever the f*ck she wants,” “I think she totally cuckoo. Hani must learn a thing or two from her,” “Ahhh, please stop writing articles about her,” and, “I’ve lost. The more netizens talk trash, the more she seems to upload pictures as if to taunt them.”

So yeah, all that shit is still happening on the articles.

That said, to the surprise of nobody, the thoughts on Sulli’s Instagram by Koreans goes beyond the netizens translated on Netizen Buzz and sites of that ilk. While international netizens concern troll for Sulli based on what they see translated, the reality is there are many Koreans that now see this becoming a regular news item who think the reaction to Sulli’s Instagram is fucking ridiculous.

Some are even taking it upon themselves to follow Sulli’s lead…

…and celebs like Moon Geun Young and Sungah of Nine Muses (of course, the group as a whole give zero fucks) low-key show support.

Not that this will matter to international netizens on translation sites, who are obsessed with their appeal-to-authority fetish in terms of the belief that any translated Korean netizen comment must have the right take on Sulli’s actions because they’re Korean. There’s zero logical sense in that, but they’ll continue to whine about people “defending” Sulli anyway, as if Sulli has actually done anything.

Of course, what do you expect from people who can’t follow along with the events that clearly prove the bias of the article commenters in regards to Sulli’s actions? These people initially speculated that Sulli was being weird cause she broke up with Choiza. Sulli then answered that by spamming posts of her with Choiza, and the same people said surely it’s because Choiza broke up with her and she was desperate to get him back.

But now Choiza recently posted a face-swap video with Sulli on Instagram, so surely they have to fabricate another narrative now, and that type of desperate reaching for conclusions that aren’t there is exactly why this whole thing is ridiculous.

I realize some are sick of hearing about this, but it’s hilarious to watch international netizens co-sign on the hate Sulli’s getting over what is so far a whole bunch of nothing.


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