Heechul, Wheein, and Jungmo combine on interesting rock ballad, “Narcissus”


Heechul, Wheein, and Jungmo have combined their talents to create the rock ballad “Narcissus” for ‘SM Station‘.

On the plus side, this is a lot more interesting than most of the other ‘SM Station’ offerings, and continues the project’s recent upward trend. Plus, it showcased the vocal chops of the artists and the concept fit the lyrics. On the negative side, the instrumental actually came off sorta standard for the type of song it was and I think it ended up unfortunately overpowering and blending a lot of the tones of the vocalists.

“Narcissus” was close to hooking me, but in the end I felt it was missing something. I’m a fan of everybody involved in this project so it wasn’t a lack of bias or bias against them that was the factor, but in the end it’ll probably be a song that was pleasant enough to listen once but probably wouldn’t go back to again.


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