Hani is now Tao, but do people not get how the backlash is related to her dating?


So there was an article written by a shitty Korean journalist trying to compare the tears of Hani and Hyeri, which obviously lacks logic because Hyeri was talking about her deceased grandma and all that. So Korean netizens were definitely not wrong to rip into the journalist for that massive reporting failure, and in fact one even made the point that Hani has always been like this in regards to crying.

7. [+31, -0] Don’t drag Hyeri into this to try and drag Hani. Nobody gave Hani crap over crying when she first started crying on variety shows…

This is true.

Back when she was on ‘Crime Scene 2‘, I remember when Hani cried about getting surprised by “Up & Down“, and I also remember the reaction.

2. [+ 6580, – 821] Hani’s so cute…even the fact that she’s a bit clumsy…ㅎㅎ
3. [+ 5351, – 802] Hani’s cute, sexy, attractive she’s got it all
4. [+ 4618, – 754] Even when she’s crying she’s cute

Then it was revealed she was dating Junsu, and the next time Hani cried, she was already getting ripped for it. So to frame this like she’s getting hate because she’s crying so frequently now is a bit amusing, since the moment she started dating Junsu was when her crying suddenly became a problem to people.

Look, I’m not saying everybody has to like Hani crying. If you don’t like it, personally, that’s understandable. But people taking cues from Korean netizens and what Netizen Buzz translates (who, let’s be honest, reveals her bias from time to time) that are then getting upset at her, lecturing her on how to behave, and concern trolling for her should just be aware of the reason her actions no longer are looked at as charming or cute to Korean netizens.

Basically, the same international netizens who are all-in on supporting idols who are dating don’t really seem to sniff out why reactions to dating idols are different or how the consequences of dating play out for idols — shocking that tons of Pann posts about Kai and Krystal‘s attitudes were released after them dating was announced — and they frequently seem to just follow along like loyal pets instead of shutting down the horseshit like they do when it comes to negative reactions to the dating news itself.

Just saying.


Alright, now on to more important things, like Hani competing with Tao for the best crier in Asian entertainment.

So, uh, can you guys repurpose the Tao memes and use them for Hani? Thanks.

Better yet, make them the crying couple.



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