‘Beauty Bible’ debut of Jaekyung and Jessica falls short of expectations

As much as I was looking forward to ‘Beauty Bible’ with its new MC team of Jessica and Jaekyung, it sadly fell way under my expectations.

Unlike last season, which featured Hyosung, Kwanghee, and Kang Seung Hyun, where all the hosts desperately competing for attention resulted in an entertaining show, both Jessica and Jaekyung were definitely less extra and more knowledge-focused. That sounds like a silly complaint when talking about a beauty show, but while the knowledge angle is definitely appreciated, it also doesn’t make for a good watch because you don’t view a show hosted by two idols for the equivalent of a PBS documentary.

The format of the show is also highly reminiscent of ‘Get It Beauty’ now, which relies heavily on the MCs to be witty instead of the actual subjects.

Beauty Bible Episode 1 (3)

It was weird for me to find that the last section of the show, with a couple ‘industry experts’ discussing a given subject, was its best moment.

One point was especially rant inducing for me:

Beauty Bible Episode 1 (5)

Beauty Bible Episode 1 (6)

I’m still surprised at how people will chow down on a luxury brand’s marketing bullshit and buy things like Dior skincare containing more fragrance/perfume than actual active ingredients, just like some fans will gladly eat musical crap like it’s musical chocolate as long as big companies put it out there.

Beauty Bible Episode 1 (1)

Beauty Bible Episode 1 (2)

All in all, I hope Jessica will loosen up a bit more in upcoming episodes and Jaekyung will get to showcase her alchemist skills sooner than later.

Beauty Bible Episode 1 (7)

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