Hyunseung did more amusing stuff on stage, also I guess #HyunseungKillsChildren


The backlash to Hyunseung doing nothing on stage and then fulfilling Asian Junkie‘s request to take a nap on stage has previously been covered here, but that stuff wasn’t enough so now Pann has brought something else to light.

This one I can’t shield him from, though, because it’s been revealed to me that Hyunseung is maybe mimicking drug use killing children.

As you can see, he puts on a performance where it looks like he’s mixing something in his hand and inhaling/eating it with the other dancers. The song itself has nothing to do with drug use.

Seriously though, I’m looking at this and I don’t get how unless you’re trying to be offended (and that’s sorta how these things go), what the horrible offense is. Like they even admit that at the time nobody really gave a fuck about it, likely because it was just thought of in the context of him being odd and not him being a SCUM THAT NEEDS TO BE EXILED.

That alone should make you think about whether this was actually a horrible thing or just a joke that nobody should give a second thought to.


Of course, Netizen Buzz commenters were ready to educate us philistines at Asian Junkie about what fucking morons we are for thinking this doesn’t matter at all. They almost all condemned evil Hyunseung and his actions of ENDORSING DRUG USE AND THE DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY.

Then there were the few dissenters over there, and they were met with great vengeance and furious anger.


Oh my god.

1) Okay, but this DOES make his antis on Pann pressed and this DID make you pressed enough to think about how others might not think it’s a big deal so you prepared a rant for it. And that did give me a laugh, so yeah, thanks to Hyunseung.

2) Yes, I do think I’m above “Korean netizens” in this context, and I hope others hold themselves to that standard as well. Because you’re not disagreeing with mature, intelligent Koreans when you use “Korean netizens” in this context, you’re disagreeing with idol fans who are generally young, overdramatic, and have motives for trying to take idols down.

3) There’s also the matter of the reply I wrote directly.


Look man, a lot of these Pann posts on Hyunseung are written by an anti that has some fucking issue with him.

I’m not saying this invalidates what Hyunseung was doing, I’m saying that if you’ve been influenced in any way by what the Pann post says or what the Korean replies say, then maybe re-evaluate your stance because you’re just parroting drivel that antis want you to believe.

Or you can side with that person, whatever.


I agree.

You know, I wasn’t going to do cocaine ever in my life, but then I watched this old performance that garnered absolutely no attention at the time and thought of all the wonderful things Hyunseung has done for Asian Junkie and I’m gonna try it tomorrow.

Damn, the influence.





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