VIXX’s concept film for their ‘Zelos’ mini is a potentially compelling turn


VIXX, to some, have always been the kings of dark concepts. I’ve always been unsure of putting all those things into one sentence, because I’ve actually never liked their darker concepts. Those concepts on them have just been too gimmicky for my liking, and combined with them being very serious idols, it just didn’t match up in my head.

But their recent teaser or concept trailer for ‘Zelos‘ may have changed my opinion on this.

This is clearly ‘American Horror Story‘ inspired, which I’m totally cool with. It would be really compelling if the whole music video was like this, and if the song followed suit it would probably be the most abstract thing we’ve heard in K-pop.


For now, though, it seems like we’ll have to wait for the dark portion of wherever VIXX are going with this, because I was thinking about a potential abstract horror concept for about two minutes before I stumbled upon their actual teaser for “Dynamite“.

So that was a little surprising, but thankfully the music video still looks like it might be in an Artsy Fartsy one day, which is all I can ask for.

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