VIXX’s “Dynamite” MV teaser channels George Benson and I love the hook already


While this is nothing like the dark concept film for ‘Zelos‘, I’ve been assured by fans of VIXX that “Dynamite” is just the initial stage of a series of connected concepts that will get darker later. That would be cool, but even if that’s not true, I couldn’t care less as long as “Dynamite” as a song is going in the direction I think it might be going.

Disco pop, huh? Alright alright alright. Shit is fire.

Just the way they say ‘dynamite’ and the rhythm in which they do it immediately made me try to recall where I heard something similar, and sure enough it reminded me of the hook to “Give Me The Night” by George Benson except with lyrics between the repeated word/phrase.

Love it already, honestly.

They just need to not fuck up the rest of it.


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