Actor Joo Ji Hoon & BEG’s Ga-In deny couple in explicit sex photo is them


Representatives of Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In and her boyfriend actor Joo Ji Hoon have both denied rumors that they were the individuals in pictures that have been circulating of a woman giving a man a blowjob.

Ga In’s and Joo Ji Hoon’s reps were quick to respond to the rumors. Joo Ji Hoon’s agency, Keyeast, stated that the person in the photos has nothing to do with the actor, adding that they will take strong action against such false rumors. A rep from Ga In’s agency, Mystic Entertainment, stated that the person in the photos is not Ga In and that the rumors are false, and they will be releasing a more formal statement later.

After looking at the picture, I can understand why they might think it’s Ga-In because of the short hair and smokey makeup, but I’m also not sure why it couldn’t be a million other Asian women given that her eyes are closed and half her face is covered by a dick.


Well, unless there’s a way to identify Joo Ji Hoon by his cock or something, I assume this revolves around Ga-In.

Anyway, if that is Ga-In … then I’m disappointed, but only because that woman’s head game looks weak as fuck.


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