Lee Hi’s “My Star” is a perfectly alright Lee Hi effort


There is little doubt that Lee Hi possesses one hell of a voice that she expertly (especially given her age) uses to lay an old soul sound on whatever beat is thrown her way. Much like her recent music videos for “Breathe” and “Hold My Hand,” “My Star” may not challenge or illuminate some new facet of Lee Hi’s talent but it’s a damn fine song sung well.

From the opening bass line (which is the understated star of the whole song), the beat for “My Star” borders on greatness. Admittedly, a retro soulful funk beat resplendent with warm horns are almost always going to be praised around these parts, but the production, tailor-made for Lee Hi’s strong voice, sounds like the perfect backdrop to a warm spring day. Indeed the song hits its stride so soon that it leads to track’s only problem — it doesn’t try to deviate from it at all. “My Star” starts off going from zero to 60 miles per hour and then hits cruise control for three minutes. For a sunny tune, the lack of a crescendo is certainly no dealbreaker, but it does make “My Star” seem slightly longer than its run time. Still, “My Star” is a lot of fun and Lee Hi’s comfortable and confident vocals makes this one a winner.


Like the song, the video may not wow in concept or execution, but it’s damn cute and that works for Lee Hi and “My Star.” Soft pinks brighten almost every set, and there’s enough nostalgic retro flair in the video between the faux-50s movie date and Lee Hi’s stage show/magic act/wedding to make a ‘Grease‘ production envious.

Who can watch this and NOT go “d’awww”?

Only a goddamn soulless monster, that’s who.

“My Star” isn’t an instant classic. Hell, it’s not even that memorable. But it is also the sort of song that I would pretty much never skip over it either. “My Star” is a very competently put together feel-good song paired with a singer who could command this sort of track in her sleep. For now, that’s more than good enough.

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