Berry Good bring out their inner “Angel”, which showcases potential


Berry Good are one of many nugu girl groups that haven’t hit my radar. But recently, they came out with “Angel“, which was a massive surprise to me.

“Angel” is a very rare case when a song, outfits, and MV coincide coherently, especially for nugu groups.

If I were to be very critical here, there is one high note that doesn’t sit right, but still, “Angel” has so much potential to become a classic amongst fans.





I know some of you are fed up with this cutesy girl group bullshit trend, but as most of you know I love shoujo and lolita. So, for me, it’s just nice to see outfits which are likely to cater more to Japanese fashion than Korea’s adaption of it or school uniforms.

I hope they continue with this route because I will hype this song and these girls from now on.

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