NCT U’s Taeyong gets hate for folding up a script because … I don’t know

I’m not a fan of Taeyong or anything, but are people actually making a thing out of the way Taeyong folded up a script (or crumpled, WHATEVER) after finishing a radio program appearance? Like … come on.


1) If this were any other idol, would this even have been found? Questionable.

2) If this were any other idol, would this even be brought up as a controversial action? Doubtful.

3) What in the fuck is wrong with folding up a script? Nothing, really. People have been saying I should comment on this “scandal” like I would have some meaningful breakdown of this shit, but as I watch that gif all I can think is, “K … ???”.

Look, given Taeyong’s reputation due to his scamming thing and the constant controversy that follows him, I agree that the smart thing for him to do is to walk on eggshells. But even for somebody like me who isn’t the biggest fan of the guy, I can’t bring myself to pretend to give a fuck about this “problem” surrounding how he folded up a piece of paper.

Seriously guys, no need to make shit up. People are pretending to be body language experts (“YOU CAN SEE HIS SHITTY PERSONALITY SHINE THROUGH!”) and mind readers (“HE’S DOING IT WITH DISGUST!”) with this stuff, which is always laughable no matter who the target is. Give this “controversy” a rest and go back to making me chortle with jokes about getting bricks in the mail from him.


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