Key & Luna also call out sasaengs, and the sasaengs are pissed


Add Key of SHINee and Luna of f(x) to the growing list of celebrities who have called out the international sasaengring after having been victimized by it.

Key posted up a sasaeng convo on his Instagram and proceeded to send a message.

“you can’t call yourself a fan you poor people it was 6am. Lately I’ve been harassed to the point of insanity by messages and phone calls, but this is really offensive and I can’t stand it any longer. I hope the other people who flooded my inbox to its capacity with 600 messages will stop doing such things as well.”

Sounds terrible, right? Well, the amazing part is the sasaengs who were participating in it are pissed that Key aired them out in public. Last I checked on Key’s Instagram, people were still trying to justify their actions in the comments and were arguing that Key was out of line.

Uncoincidentally, that falls right into the same train of thought as the person who reported Asian Junkie to the FBI and subsequently posted the personal info of celebrities out in the open, and who is apparently now back with a new handle.






Of course, that was only the half of it as the same was going on with Luna.



One person got to the point where they gained access to the Instagram accounts of at least Luna, Krystal of f(x), and Chanyeol of EXO.

Rather than abating, this situation only seems to be escalating.


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