FAKY continue to pump out quality with their best yet in “Candy”


FAKY have released the music video for “Candy“, completing the belated schedule of music videos they’ve been releasing for songs that were dropped back in October of last year. No matter, though, because like with the other two the wait was worth it.

Despite my enjoyment of their previous releases “After Glow” and “You“, “Candy” was probably the best effort post-lineup shuffle.

The horn section that starts from the first second of the song instantly attracts attention, and the simple use of bass during the verses that builds during the pre-chorus is a perfect way to setup what is an infectious and catchy hook. Additionally, the bridge was timed well because it provided a break from the interesting but repetitive horn sound, plus it was basically a vehicle to show off a high note and make an impression vocally.


As for the music video, I’m just glad they’re releasing these, because without them I probably wouldn’t have found the new version of the group in the first place. Beyond that, though, the visuals are striking, especially the usage of color throughout.







Hell, there was even, uh, whatever this is.


Still, despite everything positive about FAKY, it’s a bit disappointing that Avex hasn’t done more for/with them. I realize some are saying that they haven’t made a physical release yet (so they can’t promote or whatever), but Avex has a history of taking quality groups and letting them fall by the wayside, so you have to excuse the mass anxiety by fans.

Either way, if complaining about their company is the main point of contention in relation to them, then there’s a lot going right for FAKY, and if they keep dropping quality like “Candy”, they’ll be harder to ignore.


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