Rude Paper continue to own Korean reggae with “Sons Of Liberty” & “Two Rudi Boyz”


Rude Paper, the duo of Koonta and Real Dreamer, took a trip to Jamaica to record both “Sons Of Liberty” and “Two Rudi Boyz“, both of which were unsurprisingly awesome efforts.

I like Haha, but him and Skull can eat a dick no matter how much they paid Stephen Marley, as Rude Paper continue to be the real deal in terms of Korean reggae. There isn’t much fusion to be found in Rude Paper’s music, as it’s just straight-up reggae done in Korean, and given that I’ve always enjoyed the genre and its fusion off-shoots, it’s hard to not be drawn into “Sons Of Liberty” and “Two Rudi Boyz” as well.


As far as the music videos go, they were both quite different.

“Sons Of Liberty” was basically a behind-the-scenes look at their recording session in Jamaica, which is explored further in their six-part mini-documentary of their time there.

So that music video was sort of an educational look at their time there and the product that was born from it.

“Two Rudi Boyz”? Straight fun and I found it hilarious. They aren’t even doing hep-hap, and yet this had more hep-hap and sweg and lacking of showers than anything Bobby will accomplish in his entire career.




Chances they get “randomly” drug tested by Korean authorities?

Two Korean dudes who do reggae going down to Jamaica for an “authentic” music video sounds cringey as hell in theory, but somehow it was actually executed well. Koonta and Real Dreamer actually look like they just walked around the streets, crashed a party, and then got majorly fucked up while having a blast and somebody just happened to film it all. That’s the goal of those types of music videos, and despite the potential for disaster, they pulled it off.

And Rude Paper managing to make things work against the odds basically sums up this entire experience up for me.


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