Luna, Amber, R3hab, and Xavi & Gi do the “Wave”, but release the weak version of it


SM Station‘ has ventured into EDM for their latest release, as Luna, Amber, R3hab, and Xavi & Gi all collabed on “Wave“.

The upside? Luna’s voice is perfect for this track after it has been blended, and while I thought surely they would make Amber rap and sorta ruin the song, they actually had her sing and it works out just fine that way. The downside? It’s definitely a toned down and stripped back version of what was promised. Like the instrumental is solid in this version, but it is sorta basic for the genre, and the version from the teaser was the one they should’ve released.

Guessing that somebody told them the version in the music video is what would play better with the mainstream, but I don’t think it’s nearly as impactful as the teaser version.

Oh well, at least this ‘SM Station’ release was something fun this time around.


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