VAV came back with the emotional & thrilling “Brotherhood”, we are not worthy


VAV are one of the greats within Asian pop, alongside Humpty Band and SHINyan. We are not worthy of their greatness, nor the powers that are held within their loins to create such a respectful piece of artistry, like “Brotherhood“.

Lets talk about this perfect instrumental, because hand on heart this is one of the best pieces of production and mixing in pop culture. They’ve thrown all legends in the bin, so I hope you’re ready to smash all the cookies and burn all the albums because the real legends are here. We’ve all been waiting for this day, us children of K-pop, and it’s now official time to finally take K-pop seriously.

The singing is so overwhelming that my heart can barely stand it. Every note they breathe is like the most beautiful sunrise in the world. You can really feel their emotions, which hardly happens within K-pop. I have to wait for the lyric translations, but I’m 100% certain this song is about world peace and about how we now have band together as a brotherhood.

Not only have VAV constructed such a perfect piece of artistry, but it has a meaning that will unite us all.




Unlike most K-pop music videos, “Brotherhood” matches completely with the song. You can feel the symbolism in every second.

There’s a masked man willing to beat the shit out of me, what do I do? The answer is world peace, just like what the song talks about.

Idols never get their say in worldly affairs, but now is the time thanks to VAV and their bittersweet brotherhood.




The concept of this music video is so inventive, and I have never seen such energy come out of a hand like this in my life. Super powers is something we’ve never come across before in any music video in the world, and do you know why that is? It’s because they tackled a message like world peace and thus had to invent original concepts.

VAV are the diamonds in the rough, and we should all thank them, because we are not worthy.

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