Seriously though, Seolhyun & Jimin not knowing Ahn Jung Geun is an amazing fail


On a recent episode of ‘Channel AOA‘, members Seolhyun and Jimin had to identify a bunch of historical figures. Unfortunately, they were only able to identify two before getting stuck on Ahn Jung Geun of all people.

On May 10, they appeared on OnStyle Live’s “Channel AOA.” As part of the show, the two face a challenge where they are given a board with the pictures of several important historical figures and they must match them up with the correct names. The first line includes Yi Sun Sin, Shin Saimdang, Kim Gu, An Jung Geun, and Abraham Lincoln. The two are able to match Shin Saimdang and Kim Gu, before coming across An Jung Geun, where they become stuck.

Worse than just that, though, they still couldn’t get it after a hint from a staff and using the Internet.

They turn to their smartphones for help in searching up the figure, and when they have no luck, a production staff member gives them the hint “Ito Hirobumi.” As Jimin gives another incorrect guess, the staff member repeats that he has a relation to Ito Hirobumi. Jimin replies, “Iddo Horomomi?” once more completely failing to get a correct answer.

Not knowing Ahn Jung Geun to this extent is one thing, but even more amusing is the fact that they apparently can’t even use Google correctly.

Of course, netizens didn’t like it much and AOA fans are trying to defend them with shit about how they were trainees or whatever so that’s why they’re dumb, but seriously they have to be especially out of the loop to not be able to get this.

I mean, it’s not a major deal or anything, and fuck if it matters to me whether idols are geniuses or not (“WHERE IS JA?!“), but this was just so bad that it’s hard not to laugh at the failure.

What is the American equivalent? Like not knowing the Boston Tea Party? Ariana Grande or whoever would be dragged to hell for not knowing it and it would be glorious.


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