Ryan Higa’s teasers for BGA, his K-pop group with Justin Chon, David Choi, Wong Fu


Youtuber Ryan Higa decided to make a K-pop boy group, and he invited friends Phillip Wang of Wong Fu Productions, actor Justin Chon, singer David Choi, and violinist Jun Sung Ahn to join.

The group is called BGA and now that the teasers are out, I can confirm that the hype is off the charts.

There’s profiles of the five members so you can get to know them and choose your bias.


Extendinggg your #BgA knowledge with member intros! Introducing P-Dragon ???? Other fun fact: He grew that blue hair himself. The color comes from all that sadness inside ?


Say annyeong to #BgA member Daeyang!! ? Other fun fact: He’s going to start his own Korean beauty line, featuring D.Choi face masks ? #thedaveshop #DCII #yourskinwillbesingingtoyou


This is not @juncurryahn! This is Jeungri and he’s ready to “curry” you into his heart. Another fun fact: He hasn’t realized yet that this is all a parody… ?? #BgA


Don’t make eye contact with J-Lite. He will see your deepest secrets. Fun fact: no one knows how he got into the group, but everyone is too afraid to ask. #BgA


Last but not least. The reason we’re all here… ROP. Fun fact, ROP is actually an alien who landed in ancient Korea, but lost his memory and is now trying to find his way home, and love, while at a kpop academy. He’s a rising star but his heart still lies with the sweet girl who’s learning coffee art at the nearby cafe. #totallybelievable #bgathedrama?!?

This is the best.

Oh yeah, they have teasers.






The lack of plastic pants is disappointing, but at least the awkward boxers are there.

As you can tell by the teasers, the debut music video is due to drop today, which I will of course cover, so please anticipate.


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