TEEN TOP’s Niel’s fansites closed over a dating controversy, of course


Niel of TEEN TOP had 13 of his fansites close down in a three-day span recently, and while speculation was circulating there weren’t a lot of definitive answers. Given the severity of the reaction, many (me) thought it might’ve been some actual worthy drama going down.


Because K-pop fans are lame as fuck, the controversy is just about him maybe dating some girl.

In the said photo you can see one female and three males at an airport. Fans deduced that the female is Niel’s girlfriend while fellow group member Chunji and a non-celebrity male friend was also with them. Suspicions arose about the female being the same person who was previously thought to be Niel’s girlfriend last year. A representative from TOP Media explained, “It is true that Niel went on vacation with three other people on the 9th, but he just went with friends.”

Niel also personally apologized in a handwritten letter.

First, I am sorry for greeting you because of this controversial issue. I am truly sorry for causing fans concern.

I planned to go on a vacation with friends after the official album promotion was over, and the people I went on vacation with are just close friends, not anything to misunderstand.

But my carelessness led to fans misunderstanding, and I think that it is definitely my serious mistake in having been unable to earn your trust. I am sorry for even having to say something like this, but I showed you a disappointing side of myself, and I will work hard to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. I will sincerely reflect on my actions and work hard as a member of Teen Top to become a better Niel.

I bow my head in sincere apology to fans who have been hurt because of me. I will reflect on my actions and once again look over the reprimands you have sent me, and I will work hard to earn your trust once again.

I once again truly apology to our fans.

Some fans believe him, most don’t believe him, but who cares? Even if he’s bullshitting about this, then the reality is that … what? He’s getting his dick wet. Shit, I hope he is then.


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