BTS’s “Save Me” has an amazing dancehall/trop house beat


BTS released yet another music video for their most recent comeback, and this time “Save Me” was covered.

Unlike “Young Forever“, which I enjoyed quite a bit, I’m a bit on the fence about the emotional, deep side of BTS on “Save Me”. Usually I like them for their rapping, but it’s hard to fit quality bars into these types of tracks without it feeling a bit out of place, and that’s what I felt off-and-on throughout “Save Me”. It’s weird to say, but besides the beat, what saved this for me were the vocals.

Speaking of the beat, that’s why I can’t hate on this release, because whatever inspired them to use a dancehall/trop house beat (hopefully lots of drugs) should be used for inspiration again because it’s amazing. Oh yeah, the choreo is also inspired, being able to match it to this beat, which shows impressive diversity even while straying from their usual fare.

I don’t have enough thoughts on this for an actual review (just general opinions), but I wanted to post this up anyway to say I enjoyed the hell out of the instrumental.


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