AOA return with “Good Luck”, which is a jam and easily their best single


AOA have finally made their comeback with “Good Luck” after a barrage of teasers that made their return a success before the music was released, along with a significant controversy that’s likely going to submarine this whole effort.

Letting that witch-hunt destroy this comeback would be extremely unfortunate considering that “Good Luck” is AOA’s best single to date.

Going with the chorus for the introduction was a smart move because it’s infectious and catchy, which made the song immediately engaging. The verses have a funky, abrupt rhythm to it, and it’s amplified by an instrumental that has a deep beat, a ton of brass, and helps the music give off seductive vibes but with attitude injected. The pre-chorus is a bit quicker and more vocal driven, but the instrumental is also lighter, which provides needed respite from the heaviness that surrounds the rest of the song and allows it both to breathe a bit and for AOA to build to the hook.

Basically my only complaint is that there’s this kazoo-sounding noise that could double for a fart that’s randomly inserted throughout for no goddamn reason and it’s sorta bothersome. That aside, for once an AOA song resisted the temptation to go loud, louder, and loudest and to cram as much unnecessary messy crap into it as possible (*Cough* “Heart Attack” *Cough*), and for that, they’re rewarded with an absolute jam.


The music video starts off with product placement, which I’ll gladly deal with for the crisp production and use of outdoor sets. There’s no plot to the music video, but there doesn’t need to be cause it isn’t the point, honestly. Not only do AOA absolutely murder this visually in like four different outfits, but the outdoors shots are actually quite nice in their own right.











Basically no complaints about the music video aside from the constant presence of that magical Sprite bottle. I guess that’s how they paid for all this.


AOA have always been attractive, have had quality music videos, and had songs that were good but not great. That was more than enough for me to like them as a group, but I honestly never really felt that connected to their music. “Like A Cat” was probably the closest I came to actually putting one of their singles on a regular playlist, but even then, a lot of that was me being obsessed with Jimin‘s timeless/hilarious introduction.

With “Good Luck”, though, they’ve released a single that I would be raving about if there was only the music to listen to for once. Given that the concept and teasers alone were enough for me to enjoy this comeback, and then factoring in the the music video was a visual joy, it’s hard to find much to complain about with this comeback. Thus, I don’t hesitate to say this is already my favorite AOA cycle and it’ll likely end up as one of the best of the year for me.


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