Jessica doesn’t want a civil war, becomes mortal enemy of #TeamSchadenfreude


Jessica recently talked about a bunch of topics, including her relationship with Tyler Kwon, keeping in contact with SNSD, and promoting at the same time as Tiffany.


Though some news outlets treated Jessica dating as breaking news, it’s no shock to anybody who has remotely followed her or SNSD over the years.

“Whether its a guy or a girl, when they’re in love, whatever the person does makes them happy. I haven’t had a relationship of over a year before.” When asked what about Tyler Kwon impressed her, Jessica replied “His smart image was really cool.”

Then she went on to talk about her former group members, and admitted that she kept in contact with some but not all.

When asked about the other members of SNSD, “There are members of SNSD that I do still keep in touch with, and there are members that I don’t keep in touch with. Even though we maybe not be able to promote together as SNSD anymore, I hope they do well for a very, very long time.”

Let the rampant, unfounded, over-analyzing speculation begin!

Unfortunately, while talking about Tiffany, she went a bit too far with her answer.

“Many people think watching a battle against Tiffany would be fun. I also listened to Tiffany’s songs, watched her music video, watched her showcase too. Tiffany really wanted to show herself through her works. I hope her promotions end well.”

“Instead of rivals, I would like to think that we have different colors (styles) of music that people can enjoy listening to. I am cheering on Tiffany’s promotions.”


This is the fucking worst.

Jessica acknowledges SNSD exist and that Tiffany is promoting at the same time as her and then shows class and gracefulness.


Many people think watching a battle against Tiffany would be fun, and I do too, so I wish we could be charting a little closer together so we could have a true competition. I am cheering on Tiffany’s promotions.

Come on, just a little shade, goddammit.

Hell, arguably the most juicy part of her interview was when she said she wouldn’t want her daughter to be part of a girl group.

“If my daughter wanted to be a part of a girl group later in her life, I would oppose it. It is very difficult for many people to become a part of a girl group. You need some good luck, but you also need the skills. I had some good luck and was able to be a part of Girls’ Generation, thankfully we were able to receive so much love.”

Quite frankly, though, even that is qualified with reason and logic in terms of it being almost impossible to have a successful idol life.

I’m sure fans of Jessica are happy with these answers because it proves how mature she is or whatever the fuck, but I’m pissed.


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