Rookie Releases: MIXX, Various, Sol-T, I.C.E, Live High


If there’s one thing I love in K-pop, it’s rookies. The budget music videos, the overly theatrical gestures, the sheer desperation you can practically taste in the air … everything about it gets my blood pumping!

So let’s go on this journey together and listen to what these hopeful newbies have to offer!


MIXX – “Oh Ma Mind”

I thought this was cute and I liked the bright colors in the music video, but I really wish they didn’t do that mirrored effect during the choreography shots. It took me a while to realize there are actually four members, and not three. It’s a shame they all sound like 11 year olds when they sing, even though two of them are actually in their 20s. I can’t help but feel like that will really limit their choices going forward even if they made it work here.

Various – “I Only Want You”

This was actually a pretty solid debut that got minimal attention. When I first heard the song I thought nothing much of it, but the chorus is an ear worm and I like the way the beat picks up during the hook. It’s not ground breaking, but it’s solid enough. They did the best they could with the obvious budget on both their music video and their faces. I’ll look forward to their next release if they don’t disappear off the face of the planet.

Sol-T – “Curveball”

I can’t decide if I love this or not, but what I do know is you have to admire when rookies have this kind of confidence and attack their first video and stages. I also really like the ‘windup’ point dance in the choreography.

I don’t know why the man in the video is so scared, but it could be that hideous choice from some stylist to make one girl a boxer for apparently no reason whatsoever. Most importantly, though, the rapper with short brown hair is obviously here to show Jimin of AOA how to have a similarly distinct chipmunk-like rapping voice without making people want to stab themselves.

I.C.E – “Too Good For You”

Now unlike most on this list, this isn’t their first time at the rodeo, and right off the bat I’m living for the fuzzy 80s glamour filter and power ranger entrance. You might find this hard to believe, but this type of quality is a huge step up for this group, and let’s face it, magically appearing anywhere via a flash of light is always the way to go. I don’t like this as much as their debut song, “Over U“, but the shitty video-game like instrumental makes me want them to keep doing whatever it is they’re doing. Again, I live for this kind of mediocrity from rookies.

Live High – “Happy Song”

Last, but certainly not least, I have the J-pop K-pop KWEENZ you’ve all been waiting for to lead you to the promised land. Listening to this song is what I can only assume nirvana is like, as this is the happiest fucking song I have ever heard in my entire life. All of you plebs claiming Lovelyz and other rookies sound like J-pop should roll over in defeat now that Live High has accepted the challenge of producing the most J-pop song K-pop has ever seen.

Never stop, Live High. I love you, too.

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